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Last Updated 8/29/2020


A company from the Netherlands (EWT) has approached the Portland Town Board with the intent of siting up to seven wind towers at selected areas of the Town. Because this is such an important project and because Portland's wind facility law is outdated (2008), the Board is taking action to revise the wind law. They are seeking advice from experts and residents prior to any potential upgrading of the current law. The Board  is expected to have a revised law for Portland residents to review this (2020) summer.



EWT claims up to 1.1 million dollars per year in benefits to Portland taxpayers. When actual numbers are calculated, the amount drops to barely $100,000. When all the negative aspects are considered, which EWT neglects to publicize, the net financial effect on the Town is around an annual LOSS of 2.1 million dollars per year. Portland cannot afford this project.

EWT claims if we allow them to build wind towers in Portland, National Grid will allow up to 10% discount on your electric bill. HOWEVER, do you know National Grid customers can already sign up for that discount through other community energy projects (NexAmp, Abundant Solar, etc) and we don't even need the towers to do that. There's really no benefit in this regard. BTW, Brocton residents are NOT eligible.

 Will EWT guarantee not to sell or assign any portion of the project to any other company - a commonly used tactic to unload unprofitable projects to others who then claim bankruptcy and leave the Town with millions of liability and decommissioning?

 EWT claims no infrasound health problems because of direct drive technology. Infrasound and it's negative health issues is not caused by mechanical drive mechanisms but is the effect of the blades slicing through air causing negative air pressure pockets and sound that is not audible by human ears. There are many documented studies proving infrasound can cause physical and mental disabilities, especially from constant sources. Should that happen, EWT should be held legally responsible, written as part of any contract, holding the Town of Portland harmless against probable lawsuits. 

 The EWT rep claims there is no negative effect of wind towers on property values. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of studies by independent professionals of large property devaluations caused by wind towers too close to residences. EWT and the landowners of the sites should include in their agreements, a plan to reimburse homeowners who experience property devaluation due to their presence.

EWT would prefer Portland stays with a 1,200 foot setback distance from any tower to an existing home. The Chautauqua County Health Department has issued a letter to all Towns recommending a mile and a half setback due to health concerns of infrasound. This is an important issue. How close to your home would you want to see one of these 32 story high spinners?

N.Y. State Constitution mandates that all legislative bodies MUST protect the
safety and welfare of their Community.

The Portland Town Board is currently rewording the existing wind law. The new law MUST include provisions to protect all residents of Portland.

Contact the Portland Town Board - Let them hear your concerns. Talk to your neighbors. Don't allow this project to go forward without a properly worded wind law that protects the taxpayers of Portland.  The cost is too great.We cannot afford to be complacent. Send letters to :
Portland Town Board, 87 W. Main St. Brocton, NY 14716
or email at:

State Senator George Borrello
"The idea that wind turbines are 'clean and green’ renewable energy is a myth. The reality is that the intermittent nature of industrial wind turbines requires them to be backed up by fossil fuel. New York is now importing power from the dirtiest coal plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania creating a net negative impact on greenhouse emissions and pollution. Yet, the State continues to support and subsidize these projects with taxpayer dollars. It’s outrageous!

I am a fierce opponent of wind farms including the latest proposal by Diamond Offshore Winds. This project would place up to 50 of these massive turbines in Lake Erie. Serious environmental concerns have been raised, including potential harm to water quality (11 million people rely on Lake Erie for their drinking water!) as well as the spread of toxic algae from changing wind patterns."

Jim Caflisch, County Assessor
"These wind farms are destroying property values and devastate the landscape to produce terribly expensive electricity!"

Dale Carlson, concerned citizen
"The people of Portland need to pay attention. Once turbines have been approved, there's no going back - no matter how devastating."

Warren Buffett  - from interview with Fortune magazine
"I will do anything that is basically covered by the law to reduce Berkshire's tax rate, for example, on wind energy, we get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That's the only reason to build them. They don't make sense without the tax credit."

T. Boone Pickens on MSNBC
“I’m in the wind business … I’ve lost my ass in the business. ... Hey, we can get on everything green. We can get on everything renewable. Then the cost of power will go up ten times."

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